Cassandra Bryan

Presscb{d} Founder Featured as a 2020 Leader by the Wichita Business Journal

August 3, 2020

Cassandra (Cassie) Bryan, the founder of and creative director at Cassandra Bryan Design, was recently featured by the Wichita Business Journal in their 2020 collection of Women Who Lead in Marketing and Communications. We have her answers to their questions below, and you can also view the article on the Wichita Business Journal website. 


The Interview

  • What is your leadership style?

    I asked one of my team members to help me answer this question because I think how your leadership style is perceived by your staff is more important than what you think you are doing. He expressed that I approach each project with passion, honesty and encouragement. I believe to be a successful leader, you must support your team by providing clear, firm and positive direction.

  • When did you first feel like a leader?

    The first time I felt like a leader was when I was conducting my first interview for someone to work with me full time. It was a bit funny because I was only one year older, and it was also her first interview for a job. The responsibility of knowing that the business I brought in would support her livelihood was both exciting and daunting. The good news is that the more and more you do that, the more confidence you build.

  • Who are your mentors and how have they influenced your career?

    My biggest mentor has been my husband. We have different views on many aspects since our industries and staff are so different. His family owns Southwestern Remodeling and manages contractors, whereas my entire staff is much younger creatives. I think our unique perspectives challenge me to learn from his experience but also do so in a way that works for my company and team.

    My dad has also recently been a great resource for advice since we are both in sales and he has managed and coached successful sales teams throughout his career.

    Last but not least, my team inspires me daily. Listening to their needs and shaping how I lead with transparency and responsiveness has helped me build what Cassandra Bryan Design is today.

  • What are you doing to mentor women in your industry?

    Just this week, I did a Zoom call with a marketing summer intern working at one of our clients’ offices to provide career advice. I enjoyed this call and the opportunity to share professional experiences with a college student. I think it is important to be accessible and encourage our youth to explore opportunities in learning more about their passions. We also host student tours and provide shadowing and internship opportunities at our company to further provide exposure to a professional and welcoming working environment.

  • Best advice for young women considering your industry?

    My advice applies to men and women considering any industry. Go above and beyond. If there is an application you are filling out to apply at a company, do something additional to make yourself stand out. The base requirements are never enough, and you should always be asking yourself, “How can I do better?”

  • What female leaders do you admire?

    I admire Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier. She started a beauty blog and turned her company into a $1 million brand. I started my company from a blog as well, so I can relate to turning nothing into something very special.

  • What was your career path?

    I was hired as a website designer for my first job back in 2008. I learned how to do enough programming to also be able to build websites as freelance work for small companies in Wichita. Once I had paid off my student loans, I went out on my own and started Cassandra Bryan Design in 2009. For the last 11 years, I have had the pleasure of working with talented and passionate team members and supportive clients.

  • What inspired you to choose a career in your industry?

    I guess I’ve been lucky to always know I wanted to be a creative. Ever since grade school, I was creating and then selling those pieces of artwork, from paintings to bracelets to business cards.

    In college, I considered a different path but quickly realized I was not happy if I was not creating something beautiful.

  • What do you like most about your job?

    My role has changed from doing everything related to design and marketing to now focused primarily on creative direction, marketing strategy and business development. I like the diversity my role provides me from my day to day tasks. It is also very rewarding to see growth in my team and clients as we collaborate together.

To see the full 2020 collection of Women Who Lead in Marketing and Communications, visit the Wichita Business Journal website.