PressThe Creative Process of Designing Wall Graphics for CoLo

December 1, 2020

Recently, the Cassandra Bryan Design team has had several opportunities to create wall graphics for our clients, so we thought it would be fun to give you an inside look at the creative process! We will be focusing specifically on the most recent project that we did for an upcoming co-working space in Wichita, Kansas, called CoLo. The co-working space will be a shared office space with a beautiful modern interior and fresh pops of color to create a positive, inviting work environment. Let’s dive in!

It Starts With the Logo

Every beautiful office space typically has been designed or inspired by the company’s brand. If the logo and branding are eye-catching, then you will want to make your office space just as cool! Since CoLo is a new company, we, of course, had to make sure to design a logo that captured their vision and could help create a foundation for their brand to start building on. They needed a logo that looked clean and modern but also appealed to a younger audience.

Co Lo Logo Process
Co Lo Wall Design Inspo

The Creative Process of a Wall Design

Once we had the logo and branding officially finalized, we began the process of researching and brainstorming for the wall design. The CoLo team wanted to utilize a colorful, youthful and inviting pattern while still appearing professional and modern. We took this feedback and put together a mood board of different patterns, shapes and colors that we felt would be cohesive with the new branding. Once we had presented the mood board to CoLo and narrowed down a creative direction, we knew exactly what to do.

The Completed Design

Below you can see the finished product, and as you can tell, there are some serious layers to this one. There is a long entry hallway to the upcoming co-working space, so we needed to make it very inviting and essentially guide the visitors towards the entrance (the solid green wall on the left). So not only does this wall graphic serve an aesthetic purpose, but a useful purpose as well. It was fun using the custom pattern on the glass too, which will have a frosted look on the lines. Overall, this project was a blast to work on, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out in “real life”!