Website InsightsYour Website's Launched... Now What?

October 18, 2017

Your Website's Launched... Now What?You just launched your website and you’re thinking, “What’s next?” If your website has a blog platform (this might be called a “Newsroom” or something similar), adding new content to your site on a monthly basis is a great goal to have. Not only does regular blogging keep your website fresh to visitors, but it actually improves your site’s relevance to search engines like Google.


Creating New Content on a Monthly Basis

We suggest publishing a new blog at least twice each month. Since we know you and your staff are incredibly busy, making a six month plan will help you prioritize as well as schedule in this additional work. Below is a sample month of how we organize our plans:


  • Blog 1 – Publish Week 1 – [Title Goes Here]
    • [Social Post Verbiage]
  • Blog 2 – Publish Week 3 – [Title Goes Here]
    • [Social Post Verbiage]
  • [Holiday Post]


What do You Write About?

We always suggest focusing one blog on the human aspect of your company and one blog on your business. This approach should give you an endless amount of topics to tap into for quite some time. You can certainly write more blogs, but we suggest starting slow and aiming to publish a piece of new content every other week.

Here are a few examples of topic ideas for each focus area:

Human Focus Blog

Business Focus Blog


Are There Other Types of Content I Can Add?

Definitely! Videos are incredibly popular and create dymanic content on your site. Search engines as well as social media platforms embrace video. You can not only add videos to your site, but you can publish them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How do I Share This New Content?

Now that you have your content schedule, it’s time to share on social media! We suggest posting 2+ times a week. We also suggest you post for holidays (fun and traditional) that reflect your brand and culture. This is a fantastic list of national holidays with associating hashtags to get you started.

Depending on your industry and specific company, you might want to post more often. We also suggest updating your cover photos seasonally to keep your pages looking fresh and well-maintained. Here is another great resource with the various image sizes for a variety of social media platforms.

Posting new content to your site can be overwhelming, but with a little preparation you can begin to build dynamic and engaging content on your website. Check out some blogs cb{d} manages to help inspire your own content generation journey.