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Logo Design Process: ProValue

June 19, 2017

Comprised of professional Human Resource (HR) and business consultants with years of experience, ProValue is uniquely positioned to help organizations succeed. They partner with clients in a variety of industries to provide strategic and practical business and HR services delivered with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, the logo ProValue had been using for many years appeared outdated and did not convey the company’s high level of expertise. As such, we were excited to partner with this great company to create their new brand. We knew that it would be a bit of challenge, but that is what makes it fun! With ProValue in particular, it was necessary to create an identity that properly represented all the many services they offer as well as appealed to their target market.

The first thing we did was sketch all our many ideas out on paper. After brainstorming and deciding which ideas were best, we started bringing them to life on the computer. That is when it all started coming together really well. For the chosen concept, we had determined that the “V” in Value would work perfectly as a check mark while accenting the “P” next to it. After adding the circle to the base of the icon, we knew it was a good fit. Then we just had to figure out the perfect set of fonts to go along with the icon, which was harder than expected. ProValue wanted to keep a bit of a traditional feel through font, but they also wanted a modern feel, so we combined a sans serif font with a serif font and the final marriage worked very well!

Originally, ProValue wanted to stick with their traditional blue and black colors, but we were really happy to see them choose the blue and green palette. These are great colors for their brand, conveying a very positive, professional feeling as well as the green relating well with a majority of their customers in the agriculture business. So as you can see, it is all about those details and making sure the brand fits you just right. We are really happy for ProValue and we are looking forward to developing this brand over the years!