CultureTeam cb{d} Applies Insights from Innovation Workshop

May 3, 2018

The Cassandra Bryan Design team recently had the opportunity to attend a full-day innovation workshop designed to help participants take on challenges in new and different ways that deliver tangible results. The workshop was with Duncan Wardle, the former vice president of Innovation and Creativity at The Walt Disney Company.

Sponsored by Wichita State University and Digital Wichita, the workshop was attended by several hundred participants ranging from college students to CEOs. Mark Arts was the host of the event that included hands-on learning and breakout sessions.

Our team had an awesome time at the event, but more importantly, we have started to incorporate some of the key takeaways into our daily, weekly and monthly routines.

Build Ideas Together

"We learned how to suspend judgment, seek to understand by asking questions and nurture by growing the idea together. If we begin each response to an idea with, 'Yes, and....,' the focus remains on the original idea and building upon that."

Justine Hedge, Digtital Marketing Manager
Meeting Energizer

"One of my favorite takeaways was to conduct quick energizers before meetings. I recently led our team in a fun game of 'paper telephone' and it definitely increased engagement through the rest of the meeting."

Leah Osoba, Content Manager

"We have been working even harder to create an environment that invites collaboration by removing all barriers. We recently took some clients throughout our space on a journey of discovery and collaboration rather than a conference room meeting."

Cassandra Bryan, Founder and Creative Director