Presscb{d} Lands a Spot in Fidelity Creativity Commercial

September 1, 2013

This morning a friend stopped by and complemented us on the Fidelity Creativity Commercial spot. We had no idea we made the cut! If you watch closely you will see Cassandra Bryan walk across the cb{d} office. We are honored that the creative team at Fidelity included us in this amazing campaign for Wichita.

#BravelyOnward #MakingAwesomeHappen

Behind the Scenes Gallery

Team Involved
Wichita Website Design Cassandra Bryan Small
Cassandra Bryan
Founder and Creative Director
Wichita Website Design Levi Mabe Small
Levi Mabe
Director of Development
Wichita Website Design Sarah Poinsett Small
Sarah Poinsett
Senior Web/UI/UX Designer
Wichita Website Design Justine Hedge Small
Justine Hedge
Digital Marketing Director