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cb{d} Participates in MozCon Virtual

On July 14 and 15, 2020, a few members of our team had the opportunity to participate in MozCon Virtual. Although we have previously enjoyed attending the annual conference on-site in Seattle, this year’s virtual conference did not disappoint. We still had the amazing opportunity to connect with a community of experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile, conversion optimization, local search and more.

Our Favorite Takeaways

  • Cassandra Bryan MozCon Conference

    Developing Brand Affinity

    Our founder and creative director, Cassandra Bryan, enjoyed the presentation by Phil Nottingham, “How to Build a Global Brand Without a Global Budget,” which discussed the difference between brand awareness and brand affinity. Brand affinity is important to develop by providing helpful, entertaining or relatable content that creates a strong following. Netflix has successfully created brand affinity by publicly publishing trailers and interviews that promote full content from its restricted platform.

    “I’d like to experiment with tactics similar to Netflix,” said Cassandra. “By incorporating trailers or teasers before leading to a trackable platform to play the full video, we can gauge how many people are really interested in our clients’ video content. We are going to research the Wistia video hosting platform that includes more customization and features than YouTube.”

  • Justine Hedge MozCon Conference

    Utilizing Automation

    Our digital marketing director, Justine Hedge, also enjoyed the presentation by Phil Nottingham, “How to Build a Global Brand Without a Global Budget,” because he was fully transparent about advertising initiatives his own company has tried that were not successful. Additionally, she appreciated all the topics related to automation.

    “I am excited to use some tips that were shared by a speaker from Wordstream,” said Justine. “We are already planning ways to apply those strategies to our own clients’ Google Ad campaigns.”

  • Leah Osoba MozCon Conference

    Optimizing Content

    Leah Osoba, our content director, gained valuable insights from the presentation by Ross Simmonds, “Designing a Content Engine: Going from Ideation to Creation to Distribution.” Citing The Walt Disney Company content creation model, Ross highlighted the importance of optimizing a portfolio of content, such as a blog, by remixing, revising, removing and redirecting.

    “Instead of constantly planning new content creation for our firm and our clients, it is important to look at previous content to determine what is working and not working,” said Leah. “Previously created content should continue to be revised and reshared or promoted. Additionally, in planning new content, it is wise to study what others have already done successfully in order to model their actions.”