CultureTeam Building Session: Axe Throwing

February 19, 2019

During our latest team building session, the Cassandra Bryan Design team enjoyed throwing axes at Blade & Timber in Delano, which offers online booking and provides a coach for instruction. Each of us got in on the action, including the fun photobooth at the back!

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Cbd Team Building Justine 1

"Who knew throwing axes would be so much fun? All of us jumped right in and had a blast doing it. Nothing says 'I trust you completely' than throwing sharp axes at full force!"

Justine Hedge, Digital Marketing Manager
Cbd Team Building Cassie 1

"Throwing axes was super fun! It was great to see everyone laughing and trying something new together."

Cassandra Bryan, Creative Director/Owner
Cbd Team Building Joey

"Blade & Timber was an absolute blast! I had no idea it would be so satisfying chucking an axe into a giant wood target! It was challenging, competitive and overall, an axe-cellent time for the whole team!"

Joey Harrell, Website Designer

"Getting out of the office to throw axes was a fun and unique team building activity. The environment was relaxed and the staff was very helpful. I would definitely go back!"

Sarah Poinsett, Senior Website Designer
Cbd Team Building Leah

"It took me quite a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, there was definitely a sense of accomplishment hitting those bullseyes!"

Leah Osoba , Content Manager

"I could not have asked for a team building exercise better than throwing axes! The mixture of competition and support from each member was awesome. I am axe-cited for what Cassie has up her sleeve for our next experience."

Brier Mermis, Digital Designer
Cbd Team Building Levi

"I had an opportunity to connect with my inner primitive man and discovered he's a pretty cool dude. Throwing axes with my co-workers is an experience I never imagined I'd have, but I'm certainly glad I did!"

Levi Mabe, Director of Development

"It's difficult to explain why throwing an axe at a wall is so satisfying, but my guess is, you already get it."

Ryan Thorton, Website Developer