Digital Marketing#SMDAYICT 2015

July 23, 2015

cassandra-bryan-design-social-media-management-wichita-smdayictlogo-300x300Justine & Mason attended Social Media Day 2015 ( #SMDayICT ). This is an annual event that happens globally each year to celebrate social media and its impact on society through personal connections and for business. This year Wichita was lucky to become a host city during this global event. Keynote speaker Mark Schaefer gave insightful principles to keep in mind as you apply social media to your business. Below are a few takeaways from conference;

Humans Buy From Humans

More than ever consumers need to establish trust with a brand. We turn to social media to reach out to brands to praise or condemn their products. This is a valuable outlet for brands to create relationships and establish transparency through honest and immediate responses to Tweets, Facebook messages and so on.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Social media provides small interactions that lead to loyalty. Every day brands are given the chance to respond to their followers to create meaningful, but lasting impressions. Twitter has revolutionized brand loyalty with consumers in particular. Through 140 characters, brands create lasting impressions daily. This is the new “word of mouth” movement and brands are taking note!

Think Beyond A New Follower

Many brands think the amount of followers is the top metric to achieve. More and more brands are thinking beyond the Facebook like and focusing on the interaction or influence opportunities. Instinct says to always sell and advertise, but instead of sell, think “how can I help?” We are all advertised to thousands of times a day, so reach out to your followers to help not to sell!

Social Media isn’t a simple task, but with a thoughtful approach, you can create lasting connections which in turn create loyal customers.

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