Wordpress & FAQsHow Do I Resize an Image?

October 30, 2017

Most images on your website need to be a specific size to load easily. The correct size is noted in the backend of your website where you upload the image.

To resize an image for your website, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1:
Go to this free online photo editing site

Step 2:
Click on “Edit”

Step 3:
Under “Open”, select “Computer” to upload an image from your computer

Step 4:
Once you’ve uploaded your image, there will be several options to edit or enhance your image. You can choose to skip the tutorial or see all the edit options available.

Step 5:
To crop your image, select “Basic” on the left menu, and then choose “Crop”.

Step 6:
You can add new dimensions or manually crop the image by grabbing the corners of the edit box.

Step 7:
Select “Apply” when you are finished

Step 8:
To resize the image, select “Resize”

Step 9:
Add in the new dimensions you would like the image to be according to your website

Step 10:
Select “Apply” when you have correctly resized the image

Step 11:
Select “Save” when you are finished

Step 12:
When naming your new image, add in your company name, location, and keywords that correspond with the image. This will help with search engine optimization. Make sure “jpg” is chosen, and then select “Download”. You are now ready to add your newly resized image to your website.