Historic Delano Building Mural in Wichita, KS "Spaced Out"

May 9, 2021

At Cassandra Bryan Design, we love local art and supporting local artists, so with the purchase of our own office in Delano, there was never a question we should have a mural. Since the east side of our building is so expansive and visible from the Douglas and Seneca intersection, we wanted a creative mural that would grab attention and evoke positive emotion.

Our mural, “Spaced Out,” was completed in April 2021 and features a female astronaut forging into the unknown to follow her dreams. The design also incorporates our brand colors and love for Wichita.

Partnering With the Artist

In Cassandra’s Words

“We hired Brady Scott, a local artist, to design and paint our mural. I was immediately impressed with how professional the process of working with Brady felt, from determining the design to the execution. I provided Brady with a small amount of inspiration, and he created a beautiful concept that I immediately fell in love with for our building.

I was also impressed with how quickly Brady got started and completed the mural. I could tell he was also excited and wanted to see the mural complete just as much as we all did!”

—Cassandra Bryan, Founder and Creative Director

In Brady’s Words

“I was introduced to Cassie by a mutual friend and was immediately impressed by her business and spunky personality. She had some great ideas for her new mural artwork and let me loose to create some fun and original imagery. After a few tweaks to my concept sketch, we were off and running.

I work reasonably fast, utilizing outdoor acrylics and artist-quality aerosols. It was fantastic to see and hear everyone excited about a new mural going up in their community.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Cassandra Bryan Design. Wichita has a growing network of talented artists, designers and entrepreneurs. We all need more clients like Cassandra Bryan Design that support and keep the scene blooming.”

—Brady Scott, Local Artist, Mural Painter and Self-Proclaimed Weirdo

Instagram: @bradycreative
Artist & Illustrator
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