CultureWhy We Know Pets Work at Work

May 3, 2022

At Cassandra Bryan Design, we have always had at least one animal in the office every day. It all began many years ago when one of our designers arrived to work with her rather furry plus-one. A few years later, we adopted our current office kitty, Eleven (yes, named after the character in Stranger Things—because while cute, she is also fierce).

Now more than ever, workplace happiness is paramount to employee retention and productivity. For our team at cb{d}, we have found joy in sharing the office with our four-legged friends. No matter how stressful your day is, you can’t help but smile when looking across the room and spotting a sleeping kitty or a wagging dog tail!

Office Pets Provide Owners Added Flexibility

Because pet owners no longer have to rush home during lunch hours or leave early to care for their animals, allowing pets to stay at the office during the workday can extend greater flexibility to your team’s busy schedules! If something pressing pops up at the last minute, your employees are more likely to spend some extra time at work since they don’t have to worry about the well-being of their pets.

  • "Animals at the office has been incredible for work-life...

    Being able to bring my dog to work has been immensely helpful. My relationship with Hugo has grown; I don’t have to worry about leaving work to let him out or budget for boarding. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment, and the animals are just the cherry on top.”
    — Brier M. | Web Designer

Office Pets Naturally Reduce Stress

It’s no secret that pets can reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing mood. If true, why not invite pets into one of your most stressful places—work? Many pet parents experience the added stress of deciding what to do with their pets while they are at the office all day and look forward to returning home to see them.

  • "I love the option of bringing Ramón to the office for the morning or afternoon...

    It’s always the highlight of his day, and I feel so much better providing him with that experience as opposed to leaving him home alone. Although he can be a little feisty at times, the interactions with him and all the pets definitely help us to maintain a positive, low-stress environment!”

    — Leah O. | Content Director


Office Pets Bond Coworkers and Create Connections

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you know that conflict will arise, and it’s normal for not everyone to always be on the same page. What you may not have known is that pets can provide common ground and serve as a form of connection between coworkers who don’t know each other well or who have encountered some kind of conflict. Allowing pets in the office will provide you with bonds and relationships that you may not have thought possible!

  • "My in-law's dog, Jenny, is a border collie who is obsessed with playing fetch...

    The office is perfect for her because once someone gets tired of throwing the toy for her, there is always someone else to pick up the slack. This has made everyone’s day and provided memories that we still talk about years later!”
    — Ryan T. | Web Developer


Office Pets Attract and Maintain Quality Employees

When looking for employment, applicants take into account all of the perks your office has to offer, including pet-friendly perks. Having a pet-friendly office can not only spark interest in a potential employee, but it may be the selling point that distinguishes your business from the competitors. What can we say? It’s tough to overcome the workday separation anxiety of being apart from your pet!

  • "While looking for potential jobs, I spotted cb{d} and instantly loved the office pets...

    The office environment is already very welcoming, but what’s more welcoming than dog kisses and cat cuddles?”
    — Kolby N. | Digital Designer and Print Manager

Office Pets Boost Moods

Don’t get us wrong; having pets at the office provides excellent advantages for pet owners, but they also create happiness amongst other employees, clients, and visitors. Most people enjoy animals and may become more approachable or feel more relaxed in such an environment. A pet-friendly office can also display your employee-centric atmosphere and company culture!

  • "Every time we have a visitor in the office, they are immediately drawn to the animals...

    The animals in the office seem to break the ice and help the client connect with our team on a deeper level.”
    — Justine H. | Digital Marketing Director

While allowing pets at the office can be a great advantage for your employees, clients, and visitors, you ultimately have to determine what is best for your business and what your workspace can realistically accommodate. Consider all potential factors that may affect your decision, such as possible allergies, injuries, or damages, and create specific policies to ensure all health and safety regulations are followed. But, if you’re asking us, we give pets in the workplace two paws up!