Wordpress & FAQsHow Do I Add a New Blog Article?

November 22, 2017

To add a new blog article, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1:
Hover over “Posts” on the left side menu

Step 1:
Select “Add New”

Step 3:
Add the title of the blog article

Step 4:
Add the text of the blog article in the rich text editor

Step 5:
You can add additional content blocks to add videos, photos, etc. to the blog article

Step 6:
Select the Category you would like the blog article to go under

Step 7:
Add a featured image if needed. Make sure the image is the correct size for that page. The size should be listed where you upload the new featured image. To learn how to resize an image, click here.

Step 8:
If you need to save your new page without making it live, select “Save Draft”. When you are finished building the new page, click “Publish”.