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How do I Create an Email Signature?

September 18, 2018

Create Email Signature

In today’s age, a common tool for communication is email. Just think about how you likely start each work day: log in to your computer, grab a cup of coffee and check your email. Maybe that is not the exact order but email does hold a priority in most of our routines. If you have a company or work at a company that has not created an email signature for employee emails, maybe it is time.

There are a few different options for creating an email signature. All of these options have their own pros and cons, though.

DIY Option

Most platforms offer a way to create your own signature through the options/settings of the email platform you use.

Screen Shot 2018 09 19 At 8.22.43 AM

Free Option

On this website, you can generate a totally free email signature for a handful of platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Exchange Server and more. This website allows you to input your most basic information with the option of adding your logo and a graphic below the information. This option is great if you are on a budget because all the information can be put in manually. A downside would be that the signature design may not look as professional as if it were a custom created image.

MAX Aero Email Signature EXAMPLE 01

Image Option

When provided all the content, a graphic designer or company like cb{d} can design a flat image for your email signature. This option provides the most creativity for a designer and is easy/affordable, but a flat image will not dynamically adjust for mobile views and cannot include clickable links. 

Screen Shot 2018 09 19 At 8.26.05 AM

Paid Generator Option

This option is similar to the free email signature but has a monthly cost. It, however, offers more templates and apps for your signature as well as a better organization for larger businesses. This is a great option if you still want flexibility and have a budget.

What's Next?

Seeing all four options it is now time to do some research and make a choice. A few things to keep in mind before picking are:

  • How much content do I want/need in my signature?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I want convenience for my user or a great looking design?