Who We Are

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What We’re All About

Cassandra Bryan Design, also known as cb{d}, has been serving small to large businesses both locally and nationally since 2009, providing logo designs, progressive websites and comprehensive digital marketing services. From our inception as a small web design agency based in Wichita, Kansas, we’ve steadily grown at a strategic pace, perfectly positioning us to take on exciting projects and serve our clients effectively. We believe our work speaks for us, garnering attention and accolades from near and far.

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Loving What We Do

We believe that enjoying what we do is the key to creating amazing work. That’s why we maintain an environment where people love the workspace (what’s not to like about having a swing in the middle of the office and a wet bar in the kitchen?), like their coworkers and get excited about the work we’re doing.

Meet Our Team

Led by our fearless founder and creative director, Cassandra Bryan, we maintain a core of eight team members who have been strategically selected for their unique talents and skills. Because of our untraditional approach to project management, our clients often communicate with several team members throughout the course of their project. Not only do our clients find the collaboration more efficient and effective, it’s also a lot of fun!

Cassie Bryan
Cassie Bryan Founder and Creative Director
Cassie Bryan Founder and Creative Director

Year Started cb{d}: 2009

  • Rearranges the office furniture and artwork as often as the team will allow
  • Puts her love of Wichita into action by proudly serving on the Downtown Wichita Board of Directors
  • Had the magical experience of visiting the Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • Used to dress up and go to Renaissance fairs (#secretnerd)
  • Met her dad (real name: Harley Davidson) through a friend request on MySpace

“I enjoy working with a multitude of different business types and developing custom solutions with my creative team. When you truly have teamwork, anything is possible!”

Levi Mabe
Levi Mabe Director of Development
Levi Mabe Director of Development

Year Started at cb{d}: 2010

  • Is passionate about cooking and the science behind what makes certain recipes so delicious
  • Plans to write a novel or screenplay someday
  • Is a serial audiobook and podcast listener
  • Spent a lot of childhood free time practicing or performing magic tricks

“I love working with other talented people to provide our clients with the best website and experience possible. Our dedication to continually improve the services we offer makes me proud to call cb{d} home.”

Sarah Poinsett
Sarah Poinsett Senior Web Designer
Sarah Poinsett Senior Web Designer

Year Started at cb{d}: 2012

  • Has a passion for learning and often studies UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design
  • Often daydreams about saving all the pugs
  • Started out as a ceramics major and still enjoys getting her hands on some clay

“I enjoy the creative freedom at cb{d} and being involved in web projects from the beginning to the end. I’ve learned a ton designing websites for so many different industries.”

Justine Hedge
Justine Hedge Digital Marketing Manager
Justine Hedge Digital Marketing Manager

Year Started at cb{d}: 2013

  • Is checking off the “World’s Largest” attractions one-by-one
  • Serves as the vice president of membership for AMA (American Marketing Association) Wichita
  • Was voted “most majestic mane” in recent online polling
  • Loves to raid local thrift stores to find the best fashion around
  • Once rocked the theater scene as the Cheshire Cat in a production of Alice in Wonderland

“There’s a reason this New Jersey native is in Wichita, Kansas— I work alongside some of the most talented and creative people in the industry.”

Joseph Harrell
Joseph Harrell Graphic & Web Designer / Print Manager
Joseph Harrell Graphic & Web Designer / Print Manager

Year Started at cb{d}: Intern 2014 / Employee 2015

  • Is the proud dad of a beautiful Goldendoodle named Bella
  • Has the ability to perfect just about any online viral dance moves he can find
  • Once hung out in an Egyptian pyramid
  • Was quite the Renaissance man in high school, participating in everything from musicals and plays to baseball and football

“I really enjoy the simple fact that I get to be creative for a living. On top of that, I get to work with friends, not just co-workers.”

Ryan Thorton
Ryan Thorton Web Developer
Ryan Thorton Web Developer

Year Started at cb{d}: 2015

  • Is a husband to his beautiful wife and a dad to their four-legged children
  • Can’t decide if he loves comic books or Shocker basketball more
  • Spends free time gaming or trying out new cooking techniques and recipes
  • Played guitar in several bands and had aspirations of being a rockstar

“I love the trust we have in each other at cb{d}. We really get to focus on what we do best while having great coworkers to help at every step of the process.”

Leah Osoba Smith
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager

Year Started at cb{d}: 2016

  • Is a wife, step-mom to a beautiful teenage daughter and mom to a feisty Pom-Terrier mix
  • Loves to learn about different locales and cultures through reading and travel
  • Had the breathtaking experience of watching the sunrise while flying over the Sonoran Desert in a hot air balloon
  • Was a classic over-achiever and had a 4.0 GPA all through high school

“What sets cb{d} apart is that we take the time to celebrate accomplishments from small to large. Getting excited about the work we do and the difference it makes keeps us all fulfilled and motivated.”

Cake Justine's Pup
Cake Justine's Pup

Year Justine & Her Family Adopted Cake: 2013

  • Named after Jake the Dog/Cake the Cat from the Cartoon Network series, “Adventure Time”
  • She has a growing collection of sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets to keep her warm during cold weather
  • You’ll catch Cake sleeping in the big window in the main room on her favorite cat bed
  • If you see a blanket crumpled up on the ground behind Justine’s desk, there’s probably a dog under there!
  • She’s all bark and no bitecomes with the little dog territory


Eleven (El)
Eleven (El) Office Kitty
Eleven (El) Office Kitty

Year cb{d} Adopted Her: 2016

  • Named after Eleven from the Netflix series, “Stranger Things”
  • Affectionately called “trash cat” for eating anything and everything she can get her paws on
  • Loves wrestling, then cuddling with Ramon, her Pom-Terrier boyfriend who often visits
  • May or may not have a love-hate relationship with everyone at cb{d}

“Purr…. Purr…. Purr…. Hiss!!!”

Bella Joey's Pup
Bella Joey's Pup

Year Started Visiting cb{d}: 2017

  • This Bell of the Ball is as sweet and cuddly as she is beautiful
  • Is the unofficial cb{d} door greeter
  • Gives the best hugs (ask for one the next time you’re at cb{d}!)
  • Has been known to blend into the carpet, which becomes apparent when we trip over her (oops!)

*silence* (She is the quietest, sweetest dog ever!)

Ramón Leah's Pup
Ramón Leah's Pup

Year Started Visiting cb{d}: 2018

  • Also answers to Ratón (mouse) and RaRa
  • Is 75% sweet (Pomeranian) and 25% feisty (Jack Russell Terrier)
  • Loves nothing more than coming to “work” and wreaking havoc
  • Enjoys “singing” to his favorite songs and howling with his dad or the whole cb{d} team
  • Likes to wrestle and cuddle with Eleven, his feline girlfriend


Making A Difference

Since our beginning as a small web design agency with two or three employees to now, cb{d} has been passionate about supporting future creatives, volunteering in our community and helping worthy organizations. That’s why we regularly host school tours, provide shadowing opportunities and judge portfolios. Annually, we all get involved in a team tree planting activity with ICT Trees and throughout the year we provide pro bono work for the Wichita Cancer Foundation, serving as their designated web design agency.

“Being involved in the Wichita community is a big deal for us at cb{d}. We especially like to inspire young people who are interested in the creative field to fearlessly pursue what they love to do for a living.”

Cassandra Bryan / cb{d} Founder and Creative Director