Who We Are

What We’re All About

Cassandra Bryan Design, also known as cb{d}, has been serving small to large businesses both locally and nationally since 2009, providing logo designs, progressive websites and comprehensive digital marketing services. From our inception as a small web design agency based in Wichita, Kansas, we’ve steadily grown at a strategic pace, perfectly positioning us to take on exciting projects and serve our clients effectively. We believe our work speaks for us, garnering attention and accolades from near and far.

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Loving What We Do

We believe that enjoying what we do is the key to creating amazing work. That’s why we maintain an environment where people love the workspace (what’s not to like about having a swing in the middle of the office and a wet bar in the kitchen?), like their coworkers and get excited about the work we’re doing.

Meet Our Team

Led by our fearless founder and creative director, Cassandra Bryan, we maintain a core of eight team members who have been strategically selected for their unique talents and skills. Because of our untraditional approach to project management, our clients often communicate with several team members throughout the course of their project. Not only do our clients find the collaboration more efficient and effective, it’s also a lot of fun!

Cassandra Bryan
Cassandra Bryan Founder and Creative Director
Cassandra Bryan Founder and Creative Director
  • Graduated from Friends University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Graphic Design emphasis
  • Loves using Instagram to share photos of her cute Scottish Fold cats on @scottish_meow
  • Favorite hobby is rearranging and decorating the office with new fun furniture and artwork, but outside of work she loves to travel to sunny beaches, look at artwork, go to spin class and try new wines
  • If you couldn’t guess, red is her favorite color because it is exciting and full of energy

“I started cb{d} because when I woke up in the morning, I wanted to go to a place that I loved – doing what I love. The team that was born from this dream has become an unexpected work bond that I do not think I could go on without or recreate at another time and place. Each person at cb{d} contributes to each project with passion and excitement to push the boundaries of design and functionality.”

Levi Mabe
Levi Mabe Director of Development
Levi Mabe Director of Development
  • Graduated from Friends University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Graphic Design emphasis and Computer Graphics emphasis
  • Loves to travel and wants to see as much of world as possible
  • Constantly listening to audio books or podcasts, including 99% Invisible and Imaginary Worlds
  • Donates to Radiotopia and Wikipedia (his go-to source for random information)
  • Blue is his favorite color, although black could give it a run for its money

“cb{d} has everything I could hope to find in a job. Everyday is full of laughing, learning and creating, three of my favorite things.”

Sarah Poinsett
Sarah Poinsett Senior Web Designer
Sarah Poinsett Senior Web Designer
  • Graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design
  • Loves learning new skills related to the web design industry
  • Gets her daily fix of music and inspiration through Spotify, Instagram, dribbble, awwwards
  • Really, really enjoys traveling and hanging with friends
  • #000000 is her favorite color
  • Supports KMUW

“I enjoy working at cb{d} because of my coworkers, the variety of projects and the progressiveness of cb{d} in general.”

Justine Hedge
Justine Hedge Digital Marketing Manager
Justine Hedge Digital Marketing Manager
  • Graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree, Integrated Marketing and Communications emphasis
  • Google AdWords Specialist Certified
  • The app, Werble, is a personal favorite for adding interesting effects to images and creating unique gifts
  • Loves girls night with her mom and best friend, eating dinner and watching Project Runway or RuPaul’s Drag Race (because, why not?)
  • Would like to designate rainbow sequins as a color so it can be her favorite, but will choose gold (shiny or matte) if she must choose one
  • Volunteers with the KMUW Street Team and at her son’s school

“I get to work with my best friends! How many jobs will you get in a lifetime that you can say that you absolutely love every single person you work with? cb{d} is definitely a once in a lifetime type of place.”

Joseph Harrell
Joseph Harrell Graphic & Web Designer / Print Manager
Joseph Harrell Graphic & Web Designer / Print Manager
  • Graduated from Friends University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Graphic Design emphasis
  • Has a premium Spotify account to listen to as much EDM, Alternative, Rap, Rock and Pop music as possible
  • Is a big workout buff (get it?!)— especially weights— and also loves traveling
  • Favorite real color is a “blue of some sort,” although would totally pick black (neutrals for life!)

“I like working with a big group of friends. We are a family and that alone is very special. I can come to work and be myself completely, which is hard to find. I also like the work environment. Not only am I working with friends, but I get to work in a badass, creative space in the middle of downtown! Also… the unlimited coffee, Red Bull, and laughs!”

Ryan Thorton
Ryan Thorton Website Developer
Ryan Thorton Website Developer
  • Has a degree in Web Development from Butler Community College, but credits much of his skills to experience and collaboration at cb{d}
  • Uses Google Chrome extensions and Coda built-in SSH/FTP and clippings/shortcuts for an efficient workflow
  • Loves reading, collecting comics, playing the guitar and everything Shocker basketball
  • If he had a favorite color, it would be probably be red because “things just look cool in red”
  • Has done quite a bit of volunteer work at the Humane Society, which is also where he snagged his most recent dog

“I love working at cb{d} because of the people, and I can feel confident and proud of the work I do everyday. It makes it easy to come to work when you love the people you spend all day with and that we can all work together to bring together an awesome product.” 

Leah Osoba Smith
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager
  • Graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree, Journalism emphasis
  • Uses Grammar Girl on QuickandDirtyTips.com for exactly that— quick and dirty grammar tips
  • Is a journalism junky and keeps up on the latest news from The Wichita Eagle, The Washington Post and The New York Times
  • Absolutely adores napping, but when awake, would love to be traveling or spending time with her family
  • Favorite color is red— it’s strong and beautiful!

“Many web design agencies are fast-paced and stimulating places to work, but what sets cb{d} apart is that we take the time to celebrate accomplishments from small to large. Getting excited about the work we do and the difference it makes keeps us all fulfilled and motivated.”

Making A Difference

Since our beginning as a small web design agency with two or three employees to now, cb{d} has been passionate about supporting future creatives, volunteering in our community and helping worthy organizations. That’s why we regularly host school tours, provide shadowing opportunities and judge portfolios. Annually, we all get involved in a team tree planting activity with ICT Trees and throughout the year we provide pro bono work for the Wichita Cancer Foundation, serving as their designated web design agency.

“Being involved in the Wichita community is a big deal for us at cb{d}. We especially like to inspire young people who are interested in the creative field to fearlessly pursue what they love to do for a living.”

Cassandra Bryan / cb{d} Founder and Creative Director