Ryan Employee Spotlight 2022 02

Employee SpotlightEmployee Spotlight: Ryan Thorton

February 27, 2022

Ryan Thorton is one of our web developers at Cassandra Bryan Design, where he helps provide our clients with beautiful and functional websites they can be proud of. He has been with our company since 2015 and shows up every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to give 100% effort to all projects. Learn more about Ryan as we play 10 Questions below!

10 Questions With Ryan

  • What is your proudest work moment?

    I don’t know if I can point to one moment specifically, but I’m incredibly proud of the work we do. We are constantly innovating and improving!

  • What is your favorite work memory?

    It’s hard not to say the Bahamas trip! We have so many good times, whether it’s trips that we take together, team lunches, holiday parties, or just taking walks to the local coffee shop.

  • What fuels your workday?

    I have to have the morning cup of coffee! I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks as well!

  • What makes you smile at the office?

    The office pets! Also, whatever random jokes we are telling that week.

  • What is the first thing you would purchase if you won the lottery?

    Although it’s a cliché answer, I would love to travel more. Japan is at the top of my list!

  • Where can we find you on a typical Friday night?

    On a typical Friday night, you can catch me at home playing games or watching a movie with my wife and our dogs, Grayson and Matilda (Tildy)!

  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?

    I did win “Best Hair” in eighth grade. It’s something that I cling to as a balding man in my 30s.

  • If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

    Bo Burnham or Robin Williams.

  • What movie do you wish you could watch again for the first time?

    I recently had a pretty great experience with Spider-Man: No Way Home; it was magical.

  • Are you a gamer? If so, what is your go-to game?

    I think about playing games more often than I actually do, but NBA2K is my comfort game.