Digital Marketing#SMDayICT

July 19, 2017

Social Media Day is an annual event where influencers come to speak about what’s working for them in the social media space. This year did not disappoint! Shannon Johnson from the Alaska Airlines social media team spoke about how Instagram has given them a leg up on the competition.

Justine & Krissy were among the over 200 attendees. They brought back insightful information on Instagram and how we currently use it for our accounts.

  • Wichita web design company best 9 instagram posts 2016

    • Focus on engagement as goals. Website clicks are a bonus.
    • Analyze your “Best Nine”. These are the images that received the most engagement. Are there trends? What stands out among these. Identify and replicate.
    • Instagram is not a revenue channel – it’s a story telling channel.
    • People go to Instagram to escape. Treat your posts as a visual feast for the eyes.
    • Algorithms change. 10-14 posts a week ensure the majority of your followers see your posts which in turn increases your engagement.
    • Leverage hashtags. You can create conversation using them.


Wichita Website Design Justine Hedge Small

"Every approach to utilizing social media is unique, but your focus should be the same - engagement. People want to escape when they scroll through Instagram, so creating content that will serve as a visual feast will make a world of difference in the success of your social media strategy."

Justine Hedge, Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media Day wrapped with rapid fire Q&A with 10 of the most influential Instagram accounts in the Wichita area. They all had 1 tip to share with the crowd. See below:


  • Generate Passion


  • Look at your story in 3 photos: Product, Personal & Brand


  • Geotags are your friends. People who search by location can find your account!


  • Follow accounts you want to be like


  • Create relational equity. This makes your sales conversation much easier in the long run.


  • Empower your staff to own your social accounts. They are the ones interacting with the client on a day-to-day basis, so they know how to connect with your market best.

This years Social Media Day was the best so far. Each speaker highlighted a game changing tip that anyone can leverage with their social media accounts. We look forward to evolving our approach and can’t wait to see what topic and speaker(s) next year brings!