CultureEmployee Spotlight: Ryan Thorton

January 7, 2019

Meet One of Our Web Developers

Ryan Thorton (also known as “Ken” and “Kenny” to our team) is one of the web developers at Cassandra Bryan Design. He has been with us since 2015.

While known for being extremely good-natured and helpful, Ryan often surprises us with his quick and perfectly awkward sense of humor. We can always count on him to give his full effort to each project, which both our internal team and clients appreciate greatly.

Get to know Kenny… er… Ryan… through a quick interview!

An Interview with Ryan

Tell us what you like to do for fun in your spare time.

I love playing video games and hanging out with my beautiful wife, Gabby, and dogs.

Tell us what you are passionate about.

I’m really into comic books and WSU Shocker basketball.

Tell us about your younger self.

I played guitar in a few bands with my friends and… *drumroll*… thought I wanted to be a rock star!

Finish this sentence: “People would be surprised to know that I…”

…love to cook and am always trying new techniques and recipes.