CultureEmployee Spotlight: Levi Mabe

September 6, 2018

Meet Our Director of Development

Levi Mabe, the director of development at Cassandra Bryan Design, was Cassandra’s very first employee back in 2010. In fact, the two of them used to work out of a walk-in closet in her basement!

Today, he is the leader of our development team… as well as the designated captain for team vacations and leader of all lunch plans. He’s got an unquenching thirst for knowledge that drives him to learn about everything from world maps to ancient history.

We invite you to get to know Levi through a quick interview!

An Interview with Levi

Tell us something fun you like to do in your spare time.

I enjoy reading (listening) to audiobooks and podcasts. I love to learn new things and constantly feed my curiosity.

What’s a hobby you’re passionate about?

I’m passionate about cooking and food science. Half the fun of cooking is creating a delicious dish or meal, the other half is understanding the science behind what makes it work and why!

What did you like to do as a kid?

When I was younger, I spent most of my free time practicing or performing magic tricks for my family. I’m still a pretty big sucker for magic specials on tv or magic stage shows in Las Vegas.

Finish this sentence: “People would be surprised to know that I…”

…am a little obsessed with creative writing and hope to write a novel or screenplay someday.