Custom Websites

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Let’s Create an Unforgettable Experience

Your prospects and clients or customers expect you to have a website and it’s often the first encounter your audience will have with your brand. Much like the decor and style of a physical office space, your web design sets the tone and expectation for quality your brand will deliver. More than that, it establishes a digital environment in which your audience can engage, be informed and connect. Visitors also expect your web design to be optimized for the device they’re using, whether that’s their cellphone, tablet, iPad, desktop computer or other device.

of all product and service searches start online

of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design

of a website user’s first impressions are design related

of people will choose another result if the website isn’t mobile friendly

Our Custom Web Design

Cassandra Bryan Design specializes in designing and developing fully responsive websites (they dynamically adjust to the device your visitor is using) and are also completely custom. Let cb{d} help you create an unforgettable online experience.

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What’s Included

Every cb{d} website includes:

  • Custom Design
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Easy-to-Update Content Management System (CMS): WordPress
  • Mobile Responsive Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics for Traffic Reports
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Training and Documentation
  • Secure Hosting and Support

Quality Work, Built to Last

At cb{d}, we listen and research to identify the purpose of your website, and then we custom create each web design from scratch. It is only after the website is fully designed and programmed that we integrate the Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, a unique tool that allows our clients to easily update their websites into the future. Built to last, each web design layout is developed for growth and the software is maintained on our servers to ensure your website evolves with the ever-changing environment of web.

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“The biggest difference you’ll find in working with cb{d} is our specialization in custom design and quality development. Each project is evaluated before we start to ensure a great fit for our team and yours.” Cassandra Bryan, Creative Director & Owner / Cassandra Bryan Design

What to Expect

Strategy + Content Average Time: 4 Weeks
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Strategy + Content Average Time: 4 Weeks

The first step in a custom website project is to thoroughly understand your organization, your goals, your target market and their expectations as well as how your website factors into all of it. We reach such understandings by reviewing information provided by you, having meetings/calls and also performing an analysis of your competition, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research. Next, we work closely with your team to develop the website outline (think of it like a blueprint to a building). The website outline will drive the written content we develop.

If your project includes photography, videography, 3D renderings or animations, this work is typically scheduled or begins during the initial phase of the project and may continue into additional phases as needed.

Team Involved
Cassandra Bryan Founder and Creative Director
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager
Custom Design Average Time: 4-6 Weeks
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Custom Design Average Time: 4-6 Weeks

Armed with the website outline and the written content from the first phase, we’ll set to work custom designing homepage concepts for your team to review. Once the homepage is finalized, we will move onto designing all the subpages of your website. Upon completion, we can provide all elements and a typography style guide for you to utilize in your other marketing materials. Usage of the elements and typography will ensure a cohesive image.

Team Involved
Sarah Poinsett Senior Web Designer
Joseph Harrell Graphic & Web Designer / Print Manager
Development Average Time: 4-8 Weeks
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Development Average Time: 4-8 Weeks

Once all design layouts are finalized, we’ll start building the website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will be provided a live link to follow along with our progress. We will then integrate WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to allow you to make easy updates and add pages within your website dashboard. Your website will be compatibility-tested in all modern web browsers and mobile devices. Upon approval, we will launch your beautiful new website!

Team Involved
Levi Mabe Director of Development
Ryan Thorton Web Developer
Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s be Honest

  • How much does a custom website cost?

    Our website cost is based on size, functionality and ensuring we have plenty of time to properly represent who you are online as well as reach your marketing goals. In general:

    • Small / Non Profit Websites (5-10 Pages): $10,000 – 15,000
    • Medium / Professional Service Websites (10-20 Pages): $15,000 – 20,000
    • Large / Shopping Websites (20+ Pages) Start at $20,000
    • Custom / Online Membership Organization Websites (30+ Pages) Start at $30,000
  • Is mobile design/optimization included?

    Absolutely. All of our websites are entirely responsive, meaning they dynamically adjust to the device your visitor is using.

  • Are stock photos included?

    Yes, stock photos are included in the cost and we welcome your feedback in regards to images.

  • How long does a website project take?

    There are many variables that can determine the timeline, but most full websites take 12 to 18 weeks to complete.

  • Do I own my website and the files at the end of the project?

    Definitely. We don’t believe in holding any of our clients’ design or website files hostage. At the completion of the project, all property belongs to you and is provided upon request.

  • Does cb{d} provide photography, videography, 3D renderings and animations?

    For photography, videography, 3D renderings and animations, cb{d} partners with local professionals who have impressed the socks off us in their respective disciplines, and we provide the creative direction.

  • How do you decide if an organization is the right type of client for cb{d}?

    Our partnerships are built on trust. We want to work with clients who know their business and also respect that we know ours.

  • Are all your clients from Wichita?

    No. While we do have many clients from Wichita, Kansas, we have clients throughout the United States. Just like with our local clients, we make great use of technology to work together seamlessly, regardless of location.