Viking Corporation

Who They Are

Viking Blast & Wash Systems manufactures and distributes a full line of industrial cleaning machines including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment. With an accomplished and proven engineering staff, Viking can build equipment from the ground up or simply modify existing models to tailor-fit the cleaning application.

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Custom Website Design & Development

With a strong need to communicate their unique differences from competitors and cater to the industries they serve, Viking Blast & Wash Systems partnered with cb{d} to create a custom, fully responsive website. The result was an online platform that showcases their products and equipment, has funnels by industry and includes related products/ suggestions. The new website features eye-catching effects, stunning photography and tools for capturing leads.

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Video Gallery Integration

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Project Scope

Website Design & Development
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Fully Responsive
  • Content Management System
  • Professional Photography
  • Product Listing
  • Professional Copywriting
Team Involved
Cassandra Bryan
Cassandra Bryan Founder and Creative Director
Leah Osoba Smith
Leah Osoba Smith Content Manager
Nikki Parsons
Nikki Parsons Senior Web Designer
Ryan Thorton
Ryan Thorton Website Developer