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Intenza Fitness

Who They Are

With U.S. roots in Redmond, Washington, Intenza Fitness is an international cardio equipment company that combines artistry and engineering. “Born from all that inspires us and bred for lasting beauty and performance, Intenza Fitness is fitness evolved.”

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Custom Website Design & Development

As a highly global company with plans to expand further within the United States and the rest of the world, Intenza Fitness partnered with cb{d} to create a custom, fully responsive website as well as a U.K. version. The website features the ability to locate a distributor and become a distributor.

Reflected Global Presence

Increased Marketshare

Helped Company Expand

Cassandra Bryan Design Wichita Kansas Website Design Developement Intenza Fitness Full Width

"Thank you so much for all your contributions to Intenza. I recently updated my laptop to the MacBook with retina display. It's my first time seeing our website in high resolution. It's a WOW experience and absolutely beautiful. I owe a big thank you to your team. I hope that one day I can meet your great team in person and we can do more great work together!"

Euwei Lin / Marketing Assistant, Intenza Fitness

Project Scope

Website Design & Development
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Fully Responsive
  • Content Management System
Team Involved
Cassandra Bryan
Cassandra Bryan Founder and Creative Director
Nikki Parsons
Nikki Parsons Senior Web Designer
Ryan Thorton
Ryan Thorton Website Developer