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Disability Planning Organization of Kansas, Inc. (DPOK) is the designated Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO) for North Central Kansas. DPOK works closely with other CDDOs, including McPherson County CDDO, Reno County CDDO and Sumner County CDDO.

Custom Website Design & Development


DPOK partnered with Cassandra Bryan Design to create a master website that would provide a presence for DPOK, McPherson County CDDO, Reno County CDDO and Sumner County CDDO. The new website includes a location-based directory homepage where individuals can select their county and then be directed to the appropriate CDDO. Each CDDO microsite has a unique color scheme, eye-catching images and the information relevant to their visitors. The framework integrates a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), which will allow for quick and easy updates by the client.

Visit the CDDO Directory Homepage
Location-based CDDO Directory
Individually-branded Microsites
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Project Scope

  • Professional Copywriting
  • Custom, Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Development & Animation
  • Content Management System
Team Involved
Wichita Website Design Cassandra Bryan Small
Cassandra Bryan
Founder and Creative Director
Wichita Website Design Levi Mabe Small
Levi Mabe
Director of Development
Wichita Website Design Joseph Harrell Small
Joseph Harrell
Web/UI/UX & Logo Designer
Wichita Website Design Leah Osoba Small
Leah Osoba
Content Director
Wichita Website Design Brier Mermis Small
Brier Mermis
Digital Designer / Print Manager

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