Video Testimonialscb{d} "Got the Vision and Concept Quickly" for LTC

November 22, 2017

“We hired cb{d} because they had a lot of excitement and fresh ideas,” said Leading Technology Composites (LTC) president, Todd Lair. “But probably most importantly, we felt like they got the concept and vision quickly.”

LTC manufactures industry-leading solutions for personal protection, aerospace and vehicle protection markets. The company originally partnered with cb{d} to complete a new website, but the relationship has been ongoing and included additional photography and print projects. We recently sat down with Todd to find out more about LTC’s experiences working with us.

“Everybody is talented and professional,” he says. “cb{d} has been fantastic.”

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Wichita Website Design Cassandra Bryan Small

"Everyone at LTC was so great to work with! I really enjoyed the photo shoot. Their facility is huge and very efficient."

Cassandra Bryan, cb{d} Creative Director

To find out more about the work we have completed for LTC, view project details.