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Team Building Session: Axe Throwing

February 19, 2019

During our latest team building session, the cb{d} team enjoyed throwing axes at Blade & Timber in Delano, which offers online booking and provides a coach for instruction. Each of us got in on the action, including the fun photobooth at the back!


Cb{d} Team Building_Justine
"Who knew throwing axes would be so much fun? All of us jumped right in and had a blast doing it. Nothing says 'I trust you completely' than throwing sharp axes at full force!" Justine Hedge / Digital Marketing Manager

"Throwing axes was super fun! It was great to see everyone laughing and trying something new together."

Cassandra Bryan / Creative Director/Owner
Cb{d} Team Building_Joey
"Blade & Timber was an absolute blast! I had no idea it would be so satisfying chucking an axe into a giant wood target! It was challenging, competitive and overall, an axe-cellent time for the whole team!" Joey Harrell / Website Designer

"Getting out of the office to throw axes was a fun and unique team building activity. The environment was relaxed and the staff was very helpful. I would definitely go back!"

Sarah Poinsett / Senior Website Designer
Cb{d} Team Building_Leah
"It took me quite a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, there was definitely a sense of accomplishment hitting those bullseyes!" Leah Osoba / Content Manager

"I could not have asked for a team building exercise better than throwing axes! The mixture of competition and support from each member was awesome. I am axe-cited for what Cassie has up her sleeve for our next experience."

Brier Mermis / Digital Designer
Cbd Team Building_Levi
"I had an opportunity to connect with my inner primitive man and discovered he's a pretty cool dude. Throwing axes with my co-workers is an experience I never imagined I'd have, but I'm certainly glad I did!" Levi Mabe / Director of Development

"It's difficult to explain why throwing an axe at a wall is so satisfying, but my guess is, you already get it."

Ryan Thorton / Website Developer