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Branding Packages – 2017 Logos

January 19, 2018

We are so, so grateful for the branding opportunities that were presented to us in 2017! Every year, of course, comes with its challenging logos and it has its easier ones, but we are always stoked with how each one turns out. The identities that we have had the pleasure of creating are all so unique and we love that.

Getting the chance to design for new industries and expand our portfolio is probably one of the most interesting, fun parts of the job. As a designer, you have to study, learn and adapt to the looks or “trends” of each company’s industry. Sometimes, it really is difficult…like, creative-block-to-the-max difficult. But it’s those challenges that we as designers need. It keeps us fresh. It keeps us creative. It keeps us passionate, and ultimately it prepares us for the new year that we are sure will have its fair share of obstacles… and that’s perfectly okay with us. Thanks 2017, it’s been good. On to the next one!


Team Involved
Joseph Harrell
Joseph Harrell Digital Designer, UI | UX Specialist