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The cb{d} Logo Design Process

December 7, 2017

by Cassandra Bryan, Creative Director / Owner

Are you looking for a logo designer but are hesitant to hire an agency due to a past bad experience? Maybe you just didn’t like any of the logo concepts that you paid for before. We hear this a lot from potential clients calling to inquire about our logo design process. I completely understand your hesitation and hope that explaining our process in more detail answers several of your questions on what it is like to work with cb{d} on a logo design.

First of all, I do not want you to pay for something you do not like either. It is my number one priority that you are completely satisfied with the designs. You simply cannot settle on a design for the face of your business that you are not in love. The best approach to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to your vision for the logo design is communication and research.

Our Process

  • To get started, we send you an online survey asking questions about your services, main competitors, company values, etc.
  • Then we meet or have a conference call to review an inspirational collection of many logos we put together especially for your feedback. We think talking through what you like and dislike together with visuals is so much easier than trying to send it in an email.
  • After we feel like we have a great sense for colors, fonts and design styles you are drawn to, we get to work. This is the fun part for our creative team. We design various concepts over a one to two week span. Our team narrows down the concepts to the three to four strongest designs to present to you.
  • Normally, one of the logos is selected to move forward with, often times with no revisions. If there are revisions, it is normally honing in the the color pallet for your company.


It is important to us that each logo is unique and clever. There should be meaning behind each logo design.


Sample Logo Projects

Below we have several samples of the initial logo designs along with the in between steps and final design. Please read the captions for more details.