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cb{d} “Delivers Exceptional Results” for ICTrees

October 23, 2017

ICTrees-Body-Image-cb{d}-Client- Testimonial-Barney Barnhard-ICTrees“Trust is probably the biggest reason I keep coming back to cb{d},” said ICTrees founder and president, Barney Barnhard. “cb{d} has always been able to deliver exceptional results within my budgets.”

ICTrees, a local nonprofit dedicated to improving our area by planting trees, has an ongoing relationship with cb{d}. We recently sat down with Barney to find out more about his experiences working with our team.

“If you’re considering hiring cb{d}, enter into it as a partnership,” he recommends. “Tell them what you’re looking for and trust their judgement. They’re going to come back with awesome ideas. Let them run with it because they know what they’re doing. They make it easy.”

To find out more about the work we have completed for ICTrees, view project details.
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